It is within the principles and objectives of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church to provide the opportunity for community organizations and individuals with compatible objectives to use space at the Church. It is also the policy of St. Timothy’s Church to permit usage to members of the Church for special events, such as weddings, memorials, special events, and other approved activities.

Building Use Includes

  • Key and security code information. Before the scheduled event, entry instructions will be provided by the Vicar, Office Manager or Senior Warden only.
  • Use of kitchen space: Non-members must receive instruction from a church representative on the use of the oven/stove. Refrigerator/freezer can be used during the event but no items may be left behind. The dishwasher/sanitizer is not available for use by outside groups. The user must clean any and all dishes, utensils, appliances and counter tops used. Please bring your own cleaning supplies and paper/disposable products. Our Sexton will be responsible for floor cleaning.
  • Tables and chairs are available as needed. Tablecloths are not provided.
  • No church property may be removed from the site at any time.
  • Rentals are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Church members requesting space for approved functions will have priority over community-related requests submitted for the same date.
  • Serving wine must have prior approval at St. Timothy’s Church.  No other alcoholic beverages are generally allowed. This includes all interior spaces and exterior grounds (property and parking lots). We reserve right to escort anyone from the property whose behavior is unruly or disruptive, whether it is due to the consumption of alcohol or otherwise.
  • Use of paper products is permitted; user provides all paper products and disposes of said bagged products in dumpster outside.
  • Please make sure all water is turned off and restrooms are clean when you leave. All garbage and litter created by the user must be collected and placed in the dumpster at the rear of the Church.


  • No Sunday use prior to 1:00 p.m.
  • St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church is a smoke-free facility. Use of tobacco products of any type (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.) in any of the interior spaces is prohibited.
  • There is to be no use of scotch tape, masking tape, other adhesives or any pins or staples on any of the interior or exterior wall surfaces. Use of glitter or confetti is also prohibited.
  • Uncaged animals are not permitted in any part of the church building with the exception of service animals.


  • All outside groups or individuals using any of the St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church facilities must sign a waiver of liability form before using the facility. This form will be provided to you when making arrangements. If this form is not signed and returned to the church office prior to the scheduled event, the event will be canceled and the group or individual will not be permitted to use the facilities.
  • Adult (age 18 or older) supervision is required for all events. Two adults for every 10 children/youth under age 18 is required.
  • Please report any damage to the church office immediately. Any damage to the building and its contents is the responsibility of the group or individual. The facility will be inspected by church personnel prior to and following each use.

Refund of fees

  • Your fee will be refunded if your event is canceled two business days prior to the scheduled event.

Fees for Use of St. Tim’s Facilities


  • Free (contribution to the Food Pantry is appreciated.)
  • For any room of the facility for a non-church-sponsored event.
  • Member must be present at the event.


  • CRAINE HALL $50.00

One-time use (example: 4-hours shower, birthday party, etc.)

  • SANCTUARY (non-wedding) $100.00
  • WILLIAMS HALL $25.00

One-time use (example: 4-hours shower, birthday party, etc.)

  • KITCHEN $50.00