St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church runs a Food Pantry called Loaves and Fishes with regular monthly hours. Please check the calendar for the schedule. We have been in operation for 10 years and are a valued resource on the South Side of Indianapolis. We serve all who come to the pantry; we do not distinguish by location or Zip Code. All clients are required to bring valid ID for every member of their household to be served.

Gleaners and Midwest are our resources for the food that we distribute. The Food Pantry is operated by a dedicated group of volunteers, and any person interested in volunteering can contact Carolyn Williams or Joanne Gott, parishioners at St. Timothy’s.

Contributions by our church community are always welcome. The newsletter includes specific items requested for the coming month, but non-perishable foods are always welcome. Personal items are always appreciated, such as soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Place your donations in the large baskets located in the hallway at the Sanctuary entrance. During the Sunday morning processional the baskets are placed in front of the altar and blessed during the worship service.

Monetary donations are also always appreciated for this important work. Make any checks payable to St. Timothy’s and add a notation on the bottom that the funds are for the Food Pantry.