One Godly Play lesson tells children about the “Ten Best Ways” to live – the Ten Commandments that God gave to God’s People.  Here we offer “Ten Best Ways” for parents, grandparents and children’s guardians.  Not Commandments, instead they are Behavioral Covenants.  Ways we invite you to share more fully in your child’s Godly Play experience.

  1. Who participates and when? The Godly Play classroom is for pre-school ready children up to about 6th grade. Godly Play takes place in the classroom on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and occasional 5th Sundays of the month September through May.  Godly Play takes place in the sanctuary on Youth Sundays (1st Sundays).  The classroom is designed to be sacred place set aside for children.
  2. Please have your child remove any coats and distractions (noisy toys, for example) and visit the restroom before the Godly Play classroom. Line up for Godly Play begins at 9:45 am in the hallway.  Please help your children arrive at least 5 minutes before 10:00 am.  We have a short time for Godly Play lessons and art response.  The storyteller begins at 10:00 am and Godly Play activity continues until the children join their families to receive Holy Communion.
  3. Please say your goodbyes to your children at the hallway entrance. Speak quietly to them to help them get ready.  The children are asked to walk slowly down the hallway.  The door person will be outside the classroom to receive them.
  4. The Godly Play circle is built slowly and lovingly, to welcome each child, one at a time. When children arrive, they wait just outside the door while the door person helps them get ready to join the circle.  The door person will speak quietly to them to help them get ready.
  5. Parents or grandparents of preschool aged children are invited to join the classroom to ease the transition at their discretion, if they are willing to sit silently and abide by the storyteller and door person’s instructions. If your child is K-6th Grade please do not come into the Godly Play classroom when the class is in session.
  6. All children and Godly Play instructors will be respected. There will be no bullying. The classroom and supplies are to be treated with care.
  7. If a child disrupts the class, the storyteller and/or door person will speak to the child on the day the disruption occurs and remind the child that the behavior is disruptive and inappropriate.
  8. If the child disrupts the class a second time, the door person will text the parent/grandparent/guardian and ask them to pick up the child and take them to the “Activity Room” until distribution of Holy Communion in order to have the least amount of disruption during the worship service in the Sanctuary. The Rector will also be notified.
  9. If the child disrupts the class a third time, the door person or storyteller will contact the parent and the Rector. The child will be asked to “sit out” of class the following Sunday.  If appropriate, the Rector and/or Vestry Wardens will be involved with follow-up to ensure the child, classmates and teachers can fully engage in and enjoy the Godly Play classroom.
  10. St. Timothy’s Godly Play Director has a session for the parents in the fall. An opportunity for the parents to ask questions and receive the “Ten Best Ways for Parents”.  Please contact Godly Play Director Mizraim Lorenzo-Aguilar with any questions or concerns.